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Renapur Hi-Shine

Renapur Hi-Shine - The Natural Leather Polish

Renapur Hi-Shine is a superior quality leather care product which has been specially formulated to give your leather a beautiful natural shine.

This leather polish consists of natural ingredients which work together to care for and protect your leather. Renapur Hi-Shine contains Carnauba wax which is derived from the leaves of the Copernicia prunifera - a palm plant only found in north-eastern Brazil. Its nickname as the "Queen of waxes" is well deserved - the glossy shine the wax gives is fit for royalty. Carnauba wax also helps to waterproof leather and maximize its durability.

Renapur Hi-Shine also contains the well publicised natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of tea tree oil, helping to protect your leather by killing on contact mould and mildew spores before they get the chance to attack and damage your leather. Renapur Hi-Shine also contains a mild cleansing agent which gently dissolves surface grease and grime without harming your leather.

Unlike some other leather care products, Renapur Hi-Shine does not contain silicates - which tend to give leather a plastic look. Our use of natural ingredients helps give your leather a natural shine.

Renapur Hi-Shine is also very economical and each 250ml container will polish over 140 pairs of average size shoes.

Renapur Hi-Shine

How to Use Renapur Hi-Shine

Renapur Hi-Shine is very simple to use - just follow these four steps:

1. Apply a small amount of Renapur Hi-Shine to the applicator sponge. You can always add more if necessary.
2. Work the sponge over the leather article applying Renapur Hi-Shine evenly.
3. Allow to dry for 30 seconds.
4. Buff gently to achieve a beautiful, natural looking shine.

Renapur leather care products work together to ensure your leather stays in its best condition. When the shine on your leather starts to diminish, just treat with Renapur Leather Balsam, which will restore the Hi-Shine instantly. You only need to use Hi-Shine again when Renapur Leather Balsam fails to reinvigorate the shine.

Renapur Hi-Shine is perfect for adding a glossy shine to shoes and boots, saddlery, Chesterfield Sofas – in fact any leather that you want to have a highly polished shine.

Renapur Hi-Shine should not be used on Suede, Nubuck or aniline type leathers. If in doubt, test on a small concealed area first.

The Renapur Guarantee

Renapur Ltd has always believed that we should put our money where our mouth is and so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you buy a Renapur product and it doesn’t do what you hoped then send it back to us at our German distributor address and we will refund the full purchase price minus the postage. You don’t even need to give us an explanation and we will not argue the point.